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Verena Marisa is an award-winning German-Brazilian composer, sound artist and multi-instrumentalist. She is an expert performer of the theremin – an early electronic instrument, which is played without touching it.  


Verena has composed the score for various feature films. She has worked repeatedly with directors Rainer Kaufmann and Golden Globe-nominee Max Färberböck.

OPERATION ZUCKER won Best Picture at the German Television Award and was nominated for the prestigious Grimme Award. Verena co-composed the score with LOLA-winner Gerd Baumann.

Her orchestral work NEW ERA was successfully premiered at Munich Philharmonic Hall in front of 3000 spectators. MORPHOLOGY for theremin & string orchestra premiered at Tonhalle München with great critical acclaim ("one of the best new works", NMZ). She has composed for Neuköllner Oper in Berlin and Schauspiel Frankfurt, among others, with director Ersan Mondtag.

As a performer Verena has appeared at festivals of various genres and styles, including Jazz, Pop, New Music, Gothic, theater and film. With the theremin she was featured as orchestral soloist at Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig. Verena is the first thereminist to compose an entire solo concert program for this unique instrument, and continues to present it throughout Europe.  

She is also the founder and creative leader of the improv band CNG, and part of the duo parasights with Konrad Sziedat, percussionist of household utensils.


German Film Music Award

Deutscher Filmmusikpreis


Berlin Opera Award

Berliner Opernpreis

Franz Grothe Film Music Award



Music Award of the City of Munich

Förderpreis Musik der Stadt München


aDevantgarde Opera Award

aDevantgarde Opernpreis



Golden Remi @ WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

(team of Koma Kid)


German Television Award

Deutscher Fernsehpreis

(team of Best Picture OPERATION ZUCKER)


Hamburg Producers Award for FREUNDINNEN

Hamburger Produzentenpreis

from the jury statement: “The composed film music is to be especially emphasized...“

“Besonders hervorzuheben ist auch die komponierte Filmmusik...“





Rolf-Hans Mueller Award for Film Music

Rolf-Hans Müller Preis für Filmmusik


International Peer Raben Award


aaber award

Grimme Award



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